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Q Architects Inc. is one of the pre-eminent Architectural firms in Ontario with unique expertise in urban design, planning policy, community design, development approvals, community consultation and project management. Q Architects offers a full range of land use planning and urban design services to the development industry, municipalities and government agencies. In addition, as land use planning and urban design specialists, the firm is frequently a prominent team player within multi-disciplinary consortiums of firms having complementary skills. We act as the prime facilitator or project manager, coordinating the overall project design and working with several landowners and municipal staff. Our services include, but are not limited to:

– Official Plan Amendment

– Zoning By law Amendment

– Plan of Subdivision

– Site Plan Applications

– Feasibility Analysis / Due Diligence

– Conceptual Design and Development

– Pre-consultation with Approval Authorities

– Shadow Studies

– Minor variance and consent (severance) applications

– Presentation at Committees of Adjustment


We are proud to offer you our range of core architectural services, including feasibility studies, architectural programming and problem-solving, conceptual development, schematic and design development, and construction documentation. These are some of the traditional architectural services we proudly offer to create the highest calibre of design possibilities for your project within your target budget and schedule.

Our licensed architects and experts in building technologies will listen and work with you in order to translate your dream project into the best possible reality. 


One of the delicate stages in any architectural project is the interface with local authorities that have jurisdiction over your property and project. They are mandated to execute the bylaws that, if not diligently researched, may set your project back or, worse: may render the project infeasible due to extensive restrictions.

Having been coordinating with different local agencies in many towns and regions in Ontario for more than two decades, we have the collective experience to anticipate their reactions to project applications.


We take pride in our architectural design solutions. As a result, we are as passionate as you about your project and want to see our vision transform from paper to reality. We achieve this through periodic site visits, shop drawing reviews, and communication with contractors, and we track the progress of construction in terms of schedule and adherence to design

Our licensed architects and experts will listen and work with you in order to translate your dream project into the best possible reality.


We can design your hard landscaping feature to complement foliage selected by your licensed landscape architect. This ensures that the hard and soft elements of your exterior are harmonious. Hard landscaping design includes driveways, patios, decks, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas. Plus, it includes whatever else you want to see for your perfect outdoor experience.


While optional, our preference is to extend our core architectural services and include interior design. This ensures that we continue to provide an integrated selection of plumbing fixtures, finishes, furnishings, colour, décor and accessories. Our registered interior designers have the expertise and proper training that will assist you in the meticulous process of finalizing your choices.


Starting with a connection to the neighbourhood and surrounding topography and working within the municipality’s design restrictions, we construct an initial schematic plan and 3D model. We’re happy to integrate your requirements, whether a grand fireplace, sustainability options, or a fantastic backyard, and layout your state-of-the-art bespoke house. Once the design is finished to your satisfaction, we move into the construction phase. You’ll end up with a beautiful, modern, and sophisticated home that you can be proud of.


Create your sustainable building. We will combine your ideas into one unified package and advise you on everything. Suppose you like solar panels, advanced appliances, innovative fixtures and heating systems, and the highest-quality indoor air and building shell systems. In that case, we will create the best system for you within your target budget. With years of experience in sustainable and standout design, we never forget that it all needs to come together in the perfect product for your needs. We will build it as you imagine it.

In the country, our homes are all about connecting to the outdoors. 


Whether you need a showroom, renderings, sales packages, or help with your project’s initial stages, we have the experience to take you from start to finish.


We will help you understand your site’s regulations and facilitate your understanding of local regulations. We will carefully design a financially and aesthetically pleasing project for you and then direct you through the municipal approvals. Whether you need a showroom, renderings, sales packages, or simply help with your project’s initial stages, we have the experience to take you from start to finish.

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If you have a specialty project which you need help with, we work on offices, churches, restaurants, medical clinics, art galleries, retail outlets, daycares, and factories. Whatever your needs are, our integrated service model works to help you create the space you need for your business. We’re inspired by function and have a considerable track record of making sure people love their work environment. Here, we understand that a well-designed workspace improves productivity and employee job satisfaction and strengthens your business
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